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VirtualGuard employs state-of-the-art obfuscation techniques to convert your .NET code into a custom instruction set that is highly resistant to reverse engineering and decompilation efforts, ensuring the complete protection of your proprietary software.

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Here is our list of our powerful and competitive features.

Custom Virtual Machines

VirtualGuard utilizes multiple custom virtual machines that each contain a unique instructionset. This, coupled with dynamic, case-by-case instruction generation, ensures that each obfuscation iteration results in a one-of-a-kind, tamper-proof version of your application.


VirtualGuard offers a comprehensive yet intuitive set of settings, allowing for efficient and effective protection of your application without the need for extensive documentation. This streamlined approach allows for easy integration into your business operations, saving valuable time and resources.


VirtualGuard offers a unique balance of high-level security and optimized performance, circumventing the typical trade-off between protection and speed present in industry-standard obfuscation tools. This innovative approach allows for unparalleled protection of your application without compromising on processing speed.

Free Updates

Upon acquiring a VirtualGuard license, ownership of the software is retained indefinitely. Subsequent to the purchase of the license, complimentary updates for a period of one year will be provided. This ensures continued access to the latest features and enhancements.


VirtualGuard offers a variety of features designed to optimize the size of your application, including compression, lightweight virtual machine options, and efficient symbol renaming. These features work in concert to minimize the overall footprint of your application, delivering significant performance and storage benefits.


VirtualGuard offers robust security features that rival those of commercial protectors, yet at a fraction of the cost. Our objective is to provide comprehensive application protection at an affordable price point, enabling a wider range of software developers to secure their products.


Get the best of both worlds with VirtualGuard - unparalleled security features at unbeatable prices

VirtualGuard Lite

Best for developers on a budget, with security that still packs a punch!

$99.99 $119.99
  • Virtual Machine Security
  • Import Protection
  • Efficient Symbol Obfuscation
  • Debugger Detection
  • Free Updates (1 Year)


Best for larger scale applications who require more advanced security features.

$149.99 $199.99
  • Multiple Virtual Machine Types
  • Import Protection
  • Efficient Symbol Obfuscation
  • Debugger Detection
  • Free Updates (1 Year)
  • Automatic Integrity Checks
  • Virtual Mutations
  • Watermarking

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